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About Us


The whole family! Phil, Colleen, Devon, and Anna

Phil and Colleen Price started Kiwi Tiny Houses in 2019, but their love for tiny houses began in 2016 when their daughter’s health put her in a wheelchair. Unable to live in a University dorm room, Phil decided he would design her a small home that was accessible for her wheelchair, so she would have her independence.  Their daughter found healing through the Mayo Clinic and no longer needed her wheelchair, so the tiny house building continued with a new direction in mind.  Thanks to their new knowledge of tiny homes, their passion for sustainable, healthy tiny homes flourished!


In the Spring of 2017 they purchased a trailer in Washington and drove it to Alaska. Phil built his first tiny home shell and then the family decided to move to Washington State to be closer to aging parents.  They sold the shell and headed south with all their belongings.  After working for the State of Washington for a year it was obvious it was time to start their own business.  On November 1, 2019 Kiwi Tiny Houses was born.



Phil Price is a Kiwi (born in New Zealand) who moved to the states permanently when he met his wife Colleen in Alaska in the late ‘80’s. The two settled in Valdez, Alaska where they raised their two daughters Devon and Anna. Phil is the builder and designer. He strives to bring creative designs that are not only beautiful, but extremely functional into a home. 


Colleen Price was born in Washington State.  She was raised in a Coast Guard family and spent her life between Alaska and Washington. After her father retired from the military the family started commercial fishing. Time on small boats showed her how to bring function to tiny spaces. Her aim is to give people an independent life, both physically and financially.

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